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"A must-have for every public official in every community."
"A very practical and real layout of the steps in crisis. It is short enough one could use as a reference at bedtime during crisis, or as a quick reference during the day." - Tim Conrad, APR, Butterfly Communications
" A beautifully written, smart, practical, and succinct guide."
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If you are a police or fire chief, emergency manager, mayor or other official responsible for public safety, you have to know how to get information to the public fast -- especially when lives are on the line. This book shows how to streamline emergency communications so that when the next critical incident occurs, you and your team know exactly what to do - and when. Learn how to organize around the first 60 minutes of an emergency and you will be ready for the next one - no matter what kind of emergency it is.
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"The Communications Golden Hour is a beautifully written, smart, practical, and succinct guide to help you prepare in advance for what to say, how to say it, who will say it, and where you'll say it."
-Daria Steigman, Independent Thinking communications strategy blog.
"[The] adaptation of the Golden Hour concept from trauma work is more than a rhetorical hook -- it's an insightful, effective approach that will reshape your crisis planning and response regime."
-Greg Brooks, West Third Group
"I can't think of anyone more qualified to write this book and to do it in a way that is credible, honest, accurate and thorough. Doug Levy has been there and has been a leader in establishing what we now call best practices."
-Kathy Lewton, past president,
Public Relations Society of America
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